Integrate your repository

Digital catalogues, editions, and all further forms of digital note-repositories, that provide their material in a standardised format, can be connected with the IncipitSearch. The content of the currently integrated repositories is obtained from various formats: RDF/XML, MARC XML and the IncipitSearch metadata format as well as from the HTML structure.
It is possible to integrate various encodings and standards. We also created a custom metadata format that can be either added to existing markup or a standalone format to integrate digital reproductions and PDFs. If you want to integrate your repository in IncipitSearch, please contact us.

Reintegration: Use IncipitSearch in your own collection

The IncipitSearch API makes it easy to reintegrate IncipitSearch. An example of this is the “Incipitsuche” of the Gluck-Gesamtausgabe’s digital catalogue raisonné.

Illustration of the Gluck-Incipitsuche

Open data and standards

IncipitSearch API

The IncipitSearch API is basically a elasticsearch endpoint. It is HTTP-based with request and response bodies formatted in JSON.
IncipitSearch API Documentation

JSON-LD and format

The result list of IncipitSearch is enriched with semantic information on composition and incipits using the JSON-LD serialization and the vocabulary We extended the vocabulary with "MusicIncipit" to integrate the information on music incipits in the data.
The format can also be used to to easily integrate the markup for incipits in digital music repositories and to integrate them in IncipitSearch.
Representation of one work in JSON-LD:

	"@context": "",
	"type": "Dataset",
	"id": "",
	"hasPart": [

			"type": "MusicComposition",
			"url": "",
			"name": "Le Diable à quatre, ou La Double Métamorphose",
			"alternativeHeadline": "No. 9 Ariette: "Quel plaisir me transporte?" (Margot)",
			"composer": [{
				"@type": "Person",
				"name": "Christoph Willibald Gluck"
			"hasPart": [{
				"type": "MusicIncipit",
				"incipitValue": "4C8D/EDC/C'BA/4G8F/4E8G/{AF}''C/'BG''D/C'G''E/D'G-/ G 3/8 CDEDCCBAGFEGAFCBGDCGEDG",
				"incipitClef": "G",
				"incipitKeysig": "",
				"incipitTimesig": "3/8"

For an example analysed with the Google Tool for structured data see here.

IncipitSearch metadata format (RDF)

The standard metadata format for the data exchange and the aggregation of data with IncipitSearch uses the vocabulary of Turtle is used as serialisation for the annotation of catalogues and JSON-LD as the preferred type of embedding. The structure of the data is divided into the following levels: data sets consist of overall compositions, overall compositions consist of partial compositions, partial compositions have one or more incipits.
The format can be used to annotate content, that is either not digitized yet (with providing links to the documents) or for content that is only available as image or PDF.

Illustration of the IncipitSearch metadatenformat

For a sample annotation of a catalogue of digitized documents see the proof-of-concept annotation of the Breitkopf Catalogi delle Sinfonie 1762.